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avatar for Anita WarrenAnita Warren

Anita Warren is a filmmaker, winemaker, poet, and particle physicist in Palo Alto, California.

avatar for Betty OlsonBetty Olson

Betty Olson is the well-known host of the cable TV Show, As You Sew: Making What You Wear. She lives with her cat and three boa constrictors in West Worthington, Vermont.

avatar for Cindy WashingtonCindy Washington

Cindy Washington was born in the 17th Century and is considered to be the foremost living expert on vampirism.

avatar for Jay SchmidtJay Schmidt

Jay Schmidt holds advanced degrees from the Sorbonne, M.I.T. and Devry University. He is currently working on a novel about life in a neighborhood bar. Or maybe a TV treatment. He's not sure.

avatar for Michele KellyMichele Kelly

Michele Kelly founded the Portland chapter of the Annette Funicello fan club in the 1950s and hasn't stopped since.

avatar for Rebecca ChapmanRebecca Chapman

Rebecca Chapman is one of the foremost collectors of antique mousetraps in North America. Search your local cable listings for her show, "Rebecca's Antique and Vintage Mousetraps."

avatar for Russell WilliamsonRussell Williamson

Russel Williamson is the son of hard-working Lithuanian immigrants. He divides his time between polo and jai alai. He is considered an authority on American daytime soap operas of the 1960s.