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Consciousness, evolution, nature, and resonant systems…

Consciousness, evolution, nature, and resonant systems…

That’s a mouthful, huh? A big bite and more than any reasonable man should try to chew in one sitting, maybe… but back in January of 2016, I had sort of a mini-revelation, a satori, maybe… here is what I wrote off the top of my head then:

So I had this satori…

It was while playing guitar. I was working on ‘casting’ my attention to different ‘snapshot’ patterns of strings (a dexterity and diversification practice strategy) and at one point my conscious direction seemed to ‘descend’ out of the range of consciousness — I was still aware, but my awareness was so abstract as to be fugue-like. During that period, my playing went off the rails — but that’s not the point.

What was interesting was that it was almost as though the ideas/concepts I was trying to hold in my head were so ‘out of focus’ to my normal consciousness as to be sort of vague and abstract in that consciousness. Almost as though they were ‘out of range’ — like tuning.

Like a filter…

And that starts me thinking, like a resonance filter — and the more you crank it, the narrower the Q gets — the higher the amplitude, narrower the range.  The narrower the range of reception/perception, arena-of-consciousness concept-manipulability.

And why would you want to do that? To ‘reinforce the signal,’ make it cut through system noise.

Maybe consciousness is simply the evolution of feedback control.

I would be suspect of a direct correlation, but it’s tempting to think of the psychedelic ‘feedback effect ‘– visual echo — in these terms.

[My brainstorm fever-spew starts getting a bit wooly here… I’ve also included (below) my more or less unedited subsequent ramblings transcribed that day.]

Maybe our human consciousness is system resonance overcranked and focused (in shifting, sequential, time-shared fashion — so one wonders what that mechanism would be — counter feedback? LFO modulation/disruption via counter-feedback — that then allows — in effect forces  a shift* to the next   ‘loudest’ resonance component… (oh my)]

* or at least a sort of de facto queue evaluation  — if, even after ‘reverse feedback’ the most-recent resonance/conceptual stream is still that with the greatest amplitude.

Seems like I’ve come across the notion of consciousness as a form of feedback — I’ll bet if I google I will find

Addendum [essentially unedited; a tour of my messy and discursive mental airballing process; read at your own risk]

– Corollary: concepts are formed from resonance, single ideational elements driven to oscillation, generating harmonic series overtones in the mental medium

Words, similarly, though they are harmonic interactions in the social, shared mindspace. They don’t necessarily have the same ideational value, intensity, timbre from individual consciousness system to system (iow, from individual to individual — another resonance system, to turn the world into a nail for the resonance hammer to pound it into unified field coherence — or the resonance model, thereof…

– Anyhow, to continue on the words as resonant systems, they work harmonically with other individual/social nodes as mentioned, but also display that aspect for the individual, with the first exposure vague, ill-defined, but moving into reified/ resonant form across the time domain.

– To belabor process:

This resonance process would take experience — initially of elemental nature — and reify those elemental resonances into time domain structures. (One could  even imagine such a system developing system resonances from ‘random system noise’ — probably themselves resonances of bio-electric particularities of a given time domain sector.)

The basic idea here is that feedback loop resonance would play a part in the creation of structures as well as ‘tuning’ by balancing positive and negative feedback, in an ontological sense, to ‘filter consciousness’ and allow better abstraction of conceptual ideals.

– And THEN there is the correlation across domains between various harmonic/resonance structures, (synchronous and asynchronous or am I pushing a concept too hard) … words and music and obvious…mathematics and abstraction of real world systems and the systems themselves… all overlapping and potentially interrelated…

– I think this correlation/interrelation/intermodulation of resonant systems across domains is key to ever more complex, multidimensional (you should pardon the expression) structures — but I think it’s fundamental to the way that systems become more complex over time. (Entropy rears its head. The ‘drag’ of ‘remembering’ the state of the universe — of course, it’s probably that very entropic process that allows ‘cooldown’ phenomena like the development of things like Terrestrial life. But I’m not sure I buy the interconnectedness/increasing-complexity-ergo-increasing-entropy scenario — although it’s making me glad I dumped all those phone numbers out of my head… if I really even did… LOL

– Positive or negative feedback. Boom. the engine of control of the various system in the body, the endocrine system — why not consciousness itself — modulating a basic energy flow/supply, forming resonances that grow  ever more resonant, structured over time — and evolution.

Anyhow, there’s your direct analog to Emil Golas [Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment] expansion and contraction…


Back in 2016, I did do some googling and did find some tantalizing threads in the scientific literature. But this thought piece from 2018 attempts (although also in loose form) to tie some of those threads together (from The Conversation):

Could consciousness all come down to the way things vibrate?

Update, this interesting article on an associated topic just posted (sadly pay-walled)…
Scientific Song of Consciousness and Self
Associated links:
Wild Systems Theory as a 21stCentury Coherence Framework for Cognitive Science

Toward a theory of embodied communication: self-sustaining wild systems as embodied meaning

Here’s the abstract from that last paper:
“This chapter proposes the Wild Systems Theory as a potentially integrative perspective on embodied communication. The fundamental assumption here is that organisms need to be understood as systems that survive through energy transformations. In this perspective, cognition and communication are functions that are enabled by a dynamical control system. Each layer of this hierarchically organised system embodies aspects of the contexts organisms need to survive in, at different scales. Communication is conceptualised as a special case of control where organisms jointly gain control over the environment.”

Like I was sayin’…


On Faith

I’ve got NO problem with folks musing on the unexplainable, talking about it, questioning it, trying to be one with it…

But when they start trying to ‘explain’ the unexplainable… c’mon, grow up.

There’s nothing wrong with faith.

But there’s plenty wrong with a ‘faith’ that demands the ‘certainty’ of dogma and pat doctrine.

And the impulse to impose those explanations on others is, seems to me, one of the most profound crimes man can commit against the unexplainable.

— TK Major

(From a comment on a Facebook post from Jim Washburn.


Why is life all about money?

Why is life all about money?

I wouldn’t say life is all about money.

But to stay alive, one needs food, and, at least occasionally shelter. The struggle for sustenance and survival runs through history.

In our modern, economically tokenized market economies, we’re no longer hunting game on the steppes or in the forests and jungles, but the struggle can seem just as real.

But I don’t think money has to rule one’s life, even at that. Way too often it seems like people spend money not so much to fill their stomachs or put a roof over their head, but, rather to fill some only faintly perceived hole in their lives.

It helps to figure out what you really need and what you really want — rather than the tokenized symbols of happiness the marketing community dangles before us like carrots suspended from a stick, always a few feet in front of us as we plod along toward someone else’s goals.


Reset Android 2.3 mobile phone gmail sync

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Accounts & sync
    – make sure Background data and Auto-sync are checked
    — same page, down under Manage accounts locate your email
    — below the email name is the sync status (even if it’s ‘on,’ your phone might not be syncing)
    — to the right is a circlular Sync button with two arrows ‘chasing themselves’; should be green if sync is supposedly ‘on’ — grey if not (and they will be turning if it’s actively syncing)
    — tap the Sync button and you will go to the Data & synchronization details page
    —- locate Sync Gmail and uncheck it, count to five or ten and check the checkbox once again
    —- use the ‘back button’ (physical, hardware buttons at bottom of phone below screen, second from right with ‘up left’ icon on it*), tapping it twice to exit Settings and return to home screen.
  3. Find your Gmail icon on your home screen and tap it to open the Gmail app
    – use the hardware Menu Button at the bottom of the phone (below the screen, second from left, four tiny squares*) to open the Gmail menu which will cover the bottom of the Gmail screen. First panel-button will be REFRESH (with two arrows ‘chasing’ each other). TAP THAT.
    -Use the hardware ‘back button’* to exit Gmail.
  4. WAIT… It can take 15, 20 minutes or more for sync to kick in and start refreshing your email on your phone. Best to do something else and come back in a half hour or so to check to see if things are updating.
    (You can use your phone’s ‘clock’ app to set an alarm if you like. 😉 )

*Refresher course: the hardware buttons on your phone are:

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