Reset Android 2.3 mobile phone gmail sync

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Accounts & sync
    – make sure Background data and Auto-sync are checked
    — same page, down under Manage accounts locate your email
    — below the email name is the sync status (even if it’s ‘on,’ your phone might not be syncing)
    — to the right is a circlular Sync button with two arrows ‘chasing themselves’; should be green if sync is supposedly ‘on’ — grey if not (and they will be turning if it’s actively syncing)
    — tap the Sync button and you will go to the Data & synchronization details page
    —- locate Sync Gmail and uncheck it, count to five or ten and check the checkbox once again
    —- use the ‘back button’ (physical, hardware buttons at bottom of phone below screen, second from right with ‘up left’ icon on it*), tapping it twice to exit Settings and return to home screen.
  3. Find your Gmail icon on your home screen and tap it to open the Gmail app
    – use the hardware Menu Button at the bottom of the phone (below the screen, second from left, four tiny squares*) to open the Gmail menu which will cover the bottom of the Gmail screen. First panel-button will be REFRESH (with two arrows ‘chasing’ each other). TAP THAT.
    -Use the hardware ‘back button’* to exit Gmail.
  4. WAIT… It can take 15, 20 minutes or more for sync to kick in and start refreshing your email on your phone. Best to do something else and come back in a half hour or so to check to see if things are updating.
    (You can use your phone’s ‘clock’ app to set an alarm if you like. 😉 )

*Refresher course: the hardware buttons on your phone are:

HOME | MENU | BACK [escape] | SEARCH