Why is life all about money?

Why is life all about money?

I wouldn’t say life is all about money.

But to stay alive, one needs food, and, at least occasionally shelter. The struggle for sustenance and survival runs through history.

In our modern, economically tokenized market economies, we’re no longer hunting game on the steppes or in the forests and jungles, but the struggle can seem just as real.

But I don’t think money has to rule one’s life, even at that. Way too often it seems like people spend money not so much to fill their stomachs or put a roof over their head, but, rather to fill some only faintly perceived hole in their lives.

It helps to figure out what you really need and what you really want — rather than the tokenized symbols of happiness the marketing community dangles before us like carrots suspended from a stick, always a few feet in front of us as we plod along toward someone else’s goals.